Even as a little girl, Donna Cristino loved beauty and style - and makeup.


Donna Cristino is the founder of Jing Ai, which means Pure Love in Mandarin Chinese.  Jing Ai is an eco – chic beauty brand inspired by timeless memories of the pure love received from her grandmother Rose who died of breast cancer.  The products are  named after different types of roses from around the world.  Every Jing Ai product is formulated with the finest-possible USDA certified- organic ingredients including botanical and flower oils, natural mineral pigments, coconut oil and is 100% Gluten & Cruelty free.  Every product is packed with high  concentrations of proprietary signature compounds made from certified- organic grape seed oil, sunflower oil and rose oil;  the two for superb antioxidant/anti-inflammatory/anti-aging properties and the other – the “Elixir of Youth” – for its rich multivitamins, Omega  3s and Omega 6s that heal and regenerate. 


Jing Ai loves the Earth.  We have worked  very hard to make sure that all of our containers, pencils and tubes are made with recyclable materials; and all our paperboard components and packaging either meets SFI standards or is up to 100% recycled – with up to 95% post-consumer content.  Comprised of natural fibers,  paperboard is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.   We print with soy ink.  All our products and packaging are made in the USA  and we are endorsed by the

Donna is proud to bring Jing Ai to the marketplace. “I’m starting with glamorous, pure, earth-friendly products that share the love; I want people to know that certified-organic is the new Sexy!”